Thirdparty Labs specializes in building advanced, standards-based, usable content managed web sites. We'll help you solve your toughest technical problems.

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What’s New
Thirdparty Labs Launches New Website for DixieBones BBQ

After determining that the website that they had in mind for Virginia-based BBQ chain DixieBones needed some back end and interactive horsepower, Durham, NC based agency The Republik called us in to help.

Thirdparty Labs Launches New Website For The Fayetteville College of Patriotic Arts & Sciences

Thirdparty Labs built a custom online education system that allows students to register, study, take test and graduate from the program. Launches

Gamil Design and Thirdparty Labs (both Designbox members) have launched a new website for The Greater Raleigh Merchants Association's "Shop Local Raleigh" initiative. Launches

The Republik tapped Thirdparty Labs to deliver a fully functional social network for rabid college sports fans on a tight timeline. We delivered.

What sets us apart

If you hadn't already noticed, a quick Google will prove that there are hundreds of thousands of full-service creative agencies out there. We're not one of them. We don't offer print, design, advertising, or video production services (although we'll happily point you towards the right people). If you call one of those agencies, they'll likely tell you that they "do" websites, and show you lots of great examples from their interactive portfolio. Then, they'll take your money, hammer out some Photoshop comps, and pass all the hard techie bits on to someone like us. Which is fine, because that is what we do.

Our typical project

Remember that "full-service" agency? It's a good thing they don't do everything in house, or we'd have about half as much work to do. Often, a creative shop sends over their wireframes, mockups, and (if we're really lucky) functional specifications, and we take over from there. We work seamlessly with the creative directors, designers, and copywriters, and the end client never knows the difference.

If you are not an agency, you could also just hire us directly. It can often be an even better approach. We've got super-low overhead from not having staff to support the services you aren't using. We don't have an army of designers, directors, animators, illustrators, etc (although we have their phone numbers on speed-dial). We can work with your in-house design, marketing, or technical teams' designs & specifications and focus on what we do best — developing the absolute best web sites and applications your money can buy.

For more information on the services we provide, or to get an estimate, contact us.

Featured Projects


    Content managed 3D Flash site for The Republik

  • Buster Sports

    Social network for rabid college sports fans. Carbon CMS integrated with KickApps.

  • Friday Institute Website

    Web presence for The William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NCSU.

  • Shop Local Raleigh

    Content managed site with searchable business member directory and online membership sales.


    Fully custom content management solution for The Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau


    Usable XHTML & CSS production for NCSU Creative Services